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About Us
  Our Vision
Jobs Unlimited is an employment consultancy with various sections geared to giving clients and applicants the best service possible and to be recognized as the best Employment Agency in Namibia. A key element to remember is that Time is Money… and Jobs Unlimited is committed to saving our clients valuable time.
  Mission Statement
To provide a service which contributes to the quality of life of Namibians and the development of the Namibian Economy!
  Salary Survey
Apart from being an employment agency Jobs Unlimited has for the past 19 years, conducted an annual salary survey.

In a labour market that is characterized by a shortage of skilled human resources, a salary survey might just be the essential tool that will enable companies to provide for and attract the best skills for the job. The greatest sought after commodity in the world economy, which includes Namibia, is skilled people. Skilled people are in high demand with Namibian companies, which means that these people demand a high premium in terms of remuneration and career enhancement possibilities. Qualified and skilled people can very much decide for which company they want to work and, consequently, with which company they want to be associated. Therefore it is of utmost importance that companies must participate in salary surveys in order for them to determine whether their salary structures are market related.

In Jobs Unlimited’s survey, positions and gradings are broken down into average scales, using the fairly popular Paterson System. The Paterson System is internationally recognized and compatible with other grading systems. We also provide a cross-referencing guide for other job evaluation e.g. Peromnes and Hay.

The benefit of a salary survey to both the private and public sector cannot be over-emphasized as it gives a comprehensive and detailed account of salary and benefit averages active in the Namibian labour market.
About Jobs Unlimited
Jobs Unlimited was founded in 1982 by Rosa Smit. In 2004 Heila van Vuuren, a consultant for many years, bought Jobs Unlimited. Heila brings with her a wealth of experience. She has owned her own business and has experience in management in the retail sector.

She has been with Jobs Unlimited for over 10 years and was the top performer for many years, achieving the highest placement revenue overall as well as a multitude of other recognitions and awards.

Sometimes the unpredictable economy has made it difficult to live up to, but, by and large the agency has grown throughout the years with the following as main statistics:  
  • 6 consultants geared in specialized areas, ie. Executive, Hospitality and Tourism, Female Workforce, Technical Workforce and General Workforce
  • An average of about 150 job listings a month
  • Placement of over 10% of the tax paying population in Namibia
  • Over seven hundred clients comprising all sectors of Namibian corporations and smaller businesses.
  • At any one time there may be more than 15,000 applicants on our files
  • Our ethical standards are as per APSO/NAPSO regulations.
  • Thus far we are the only Namibian employment agency who is a member of APSO and has had all of its consultants sit the exams.
  • We conduct Namibia’s most comprehensive salary survey, under the auspices of the Namibia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • We are Namibia’s largest and longest running employment agency
The Jobs Unlimited Team:

  • Try to keep abreast of national and international regulations regarding labour law and employment.
  • Are invited and where possible attend government informational workshops regarding the labour market.
  • Give presentations to local schools, the Polytechnic and the University regarding job searching
  • Have organized workshops and forums which have raised funds for business and secretarial scholarships
  • Assist companies with labour issues where possible.
  • Have helped identify training and leadership needs
  • Has been in Namibia supporting its transition and through its Independence.
We are proud to have grown with this wonderful country. Where Namibia grows...we hope to as well and hope to contribute to its development. As new challenges arise, we look ahead hoping to keep abreast of our country’s and our client’s needs.
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